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Klaus - Cry Tuff / Gus / Bel


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Klaus bending the mind and channelling the spirit of dub on this superb three track effort for the Tanum label.

Klaus cut his production teeth as a member of James Blake's 1-800 Dinosaur crew, always pushing forward a dub-influenced, cerebral take on what several years ago may have been tagged within the 'Post-Dubstep' category. Since those initial releases though, he's chased the idiosyncrasies of his own music so far down the rabbit hole that the propulsive energy of his earlier work has been almost entirely swallowed, leaving little behind but a hazy impression of itself.

Cry Tuff most extremely epitomises this transformation. Its movement revolves almost entirely around the undulations of its softly hissing ambience, and the semi-regularity of a synthetic tone that chimes like a bell in an anechoic chamber. The character of the track lays in the subtleties of its atmospheric shifts - dense layers of texture move against and mix with each other like free-form gas, unable to stay static but never hurrying the deliberate pacing that Klaus carefully constructs.

On the B side, Gus puts a bit more wind in the sails, although only in relative terms. Contorted snapshots of what sound like a breakbeat and a far-eastern string instrument disturb the lush, tranquil soundscapes intermittently. The short-but-sweet Bela rounds off the package with a poignantly melancholic ambience, gently guiding us into the run-out groove with a whisper rather than a shout.

Cry Tuff