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Klein - CC

Howling Owl Records

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Klein's head-mangling 'CC' - initially gone in a flash of 100 copies, now back in circulation on clear vinyl in new sleeve design -

Bristol's very-own Howling Owl Records have presented brave new worlds with Klein's music, and the virus seems to be spreading, with labels like Hyperdub on her case, stage-sharing with the likes of Bjork, messing with Berghain's main room etc etc...

But forget all that, Klein is doing her own thing!

This record is fully out-there in all the best ways.
Like Hype Williams with some extra strong trippers, or like an accumulation of your best youtube endorphin injections from the past decade, all at once shooting through the brain in fast forward mode, CC is a whirlwind of weird & wonderful, shifting moods and synapse-collapse, served up all creamy and indulgent... like the musical equivalent to pouring condensed milk into your ice coffee. Cherish the moment, but know that you're about to fuck with your senses in a way that should not be underestimated, so make sure you take time and enjoy the sensory high this caffeinated sugar rush will provide.

in other words, this is unfuckwithable.

250 copies, clear vinyl.

1. collect ft diamond stingily 03:00
2. slipping 04:00
3. stop 02:44
4. born 02:51
5. explay 04:00
6. apologise 04:48
7. last chance 02:52

Collect ft. Diamond Stingily