• Klein - Frozen

Klein - Frozen

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First vinyl outing for Klein's third album, showcasing her highly individual, brain warping, heart melting style of music making, somehow theatrical and humble at the same time. Klein's music is especially raw, honest and extremely affective, and absorbing.

Not least - her music is officially endorsed by The North Devon Gazette no less.. West country represent.

"the delicious irony of her lyrics remains intact, as does the freshness of the music" The North Devon Gazette. 

In all seriousness, get involved with the clips below, then get fully immersed when the LP arrives in the post... It's a very special one - if you didn't know about the world of Klein yet, then please step inside and make yourself comfortable...

ltd edition vinyl issue, comes with DL.


When Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Can Say No

Care About Us

U Got This

Another Dust


Reveal Itself

Needed & Saved


Understand Our Tracks


West End Vs Warri