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Kneecapped - Children Talking

Industrial Coast

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Fresh haul of goods from our pals over at Industrial Coast - As we're taking some time this month to regroup and rebuild the store, we'll pinch their writeups for now -

Kneecapped. Experimental noise offshoot of Hardcore noise outfit Stalingrad.

Rather than play Noise gigs, Kneecapped booked themselves at Hardcore gigs (via the Stalingrad link) figuring it would be much more fun to confuse those members of the audience who were set in their ways! Released in tandem with Stalingrad Demos (97-2000) - Kneecapped::Children Talking - based upon The Children Talking BBC LP, this was recorded at the 1in12 through the PA desk on the gig floor and using an Apple Mac the pair over dubbed samples and vocals


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