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Kode 9 & Spaceape - Memories Of The Future


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Hugely influential 21st century dub music finally available on vinyl for the first time!

8 years after it's original release it is a pleasure to hear this album again, this time with the addition of the alt. cut of 'Stalker.

A timeless collection of 15 tracks featuring a guest appearance from Miss Haptic, this album references Dub, 2-step and rhythms and combines them into what might be one of the most conceptually rich and captivating records to ever come out of the NUMM.

Effortlessly switching between the most dread filled, chest-crushing tracks like 'Sine' through to the dance floor friendly 'Backward' and the modern classic 'Nine Samurai'.  A great reason to re-visit this crucial album - there are only 1000 so move fast!

Nine Samurai