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Koehler - Dynasty / Spiral Light / Deleted Scene

Berceuse Heroique

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More gritty gear from BH -

For the 7th instalment, in the cult label's output we find three jams by the fresh-faced, but not to be underestimated 'Koehler'.

Rugged, acid-bellied, garage-flavoured machine jams mark the occasion with this 12"... From the heavy-currents of 'Dynasty' complete with itchy bassline and sonic alarm shots, this one's sure to get a dancefloor fired-up when placed on the technics, killer stuff!

Located at the edge of the disc's B Side, we find 'Spiral Light', making it's way towards the centre with 90's styled hardcore ambience and enough tape-hiss to lull the ears into a false sense of security before we run into the third, and sleaziest cut - 'Deleted Scenes'.


vinyl-only and limited edition.
Comes with B&W insert.


Spiral Light

Deleted Scene