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Koehler & StabUdown Production - 'Jim V Dan'


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Manlike StabUdown Productions aka Prostitutes teams up with another hero of ours, Koehler for this split 12 on Jaime & Powell's Diagonal label.

Both self-confessed DnB heads, this 12'' sees them crack out some - in the words of the label - "jungle gear at techno speed".

Koehler adheres to this principle most closely on his original offering, "Incoming Enemy". An undeniable dancefloor killer, Koehler pushes his scattershot break edits to their absolute limits, letting them roll into one another with a measured looseness. Koehler's ability to write abrasive but captivating hooks hasn't diminished whatsoever. On the flip, StabUdown aka Jim dials up the abrasion with Outgoing Friend - a reflection of the A not just in name. Outgoing Friend dials up the abrasion even more, and swaps out some of the junglist sensibilities of the A side for some EBM via electro business.

On StabUdown's remix of Incoming Enemy, Jim cleverly retains the character of the original - allowing the breaks to skip and lope in the same scattershot fashion as the original, and also re-infusing brief snippets of hook from Koehler's version back into the mix, using them more like pointillist flourishes than earworms. Koehler's counter-remix of Outgoing Friend re-injects the breaks back into the fold, constructing yet another addictive melody out of the original's off-kilter hook.

One of the most dancefloor-friendly records Diagonal have put out in some time, and we are well on board with that - more please!

Koehler - Incoming Enemy

Koehler - Incoming Enemy (Stabudown Remix)

StabUdown Productions - Outgoing Friend

StabUdown Productions - Outgoing Friend (Koehler Remix)