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Konsul Gnadenwalze - XO (Aleph O)

Ordia Muszc

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Cinematic Sound Design and post-dubstep textures collide on this 1-per-side 7 from the mysterious Konsul Gnadelwaze.

A side Aleph pairs massive orchestra-sized kicks with a pensive and mournful vocal effort, dark and wrought with melancholy, metallic noise pervades the eons of empty space in the mix for a captivating listen.

B side O, like it's counterpart on A, pairs enormous 1-per-bar kicks with huge cavernous space in the trebles, a relentlessly repeating vocal snippet moves in and out of the foreground before a funky, modulating bass arises from the mist.

Fantastic stuff, featuring full side screenprinted artwork housed in a 7'' poly sleeve.