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Krush Lumpkin - Rilascio


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Fresh haul from the Riforma gang over in Turin, Italy >>
Brought to us hand-luggage style with the Bristol-Turin connection, this limited tape manifests a very special one-off improv collabo during a meeting at Turin's cultural hub Villa Rei, where (now semi-local) Broshuda performed spontaneously in tandem with Polonius, one a 1-off improv Krush Lumpkin flex.
"This is the beginning of the lumpkinazation of the world: RILASCIO is out now on Riforma."

“In Pursuit Of The Dankest Rythms At The Intersection Of Glamcore & Post Wonk Mindstates”

Across 90mins (the o.g. perfect tape length), their world melds into ultra deep trip mode with Polonius footworkin' ghost notes & midi syncopations and Broshuda's elasticated frequency forms together gliding in triple speed, and at half pace all at once.
Somehow keeping focus, musical sense and retaining meaning across such a long run time, with abstract sound forms, and often with such complex rhythms and textures as these, is no easy task, but Broshuda and Polonius really got onto something here...
Splatters of dub paint are splashed and sprayed over tactile rhythms, with aquatic gongs and bleeps swimming in the under current, like watching into a fish tank on psychedelics (maybe).
Basically, the sound is alive and kicking with all it's various lifeforms appearing and rearing their heads into this morphing giant bubble of sound, fully absorbing once you listen a bit closer and go with the drift.
This one should should satisfy anyone looking to fill some sort of unique gap between Shinichi Atobe, Vainquer, RP Boo, SKRS, Aphex Twin.... Or indeed the gap between Broshuda and Polonius, to be more precise and correct.

Silkscreen on tape inlay made in Asile185.

Music by Broshuda & Polonius
Mastered by Francesco Castrovilli
Artwork by Broshuda
Inside artwork by Lapo Sorride

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