• Kubus & Aardvarck - Bloom 05

Kubus & Aardvarck - Bloom 05


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BACK IN! probably the last ever copies...

One of the very first records that we stocked in the early days of 'RWDFWD', and still a firm favourite. A certified weapon in the record bag.
We're glad to have got our hands on that much needed re-stock from Amsterdam!

Kubus & Aardvarck combine their beat making forces for this plate, the 5th installment on the fine Bloom Series.

Aardvarck’s ‘Glitch’ and it’s raw drum track dancehall rhythm remind of early Sly & Lenky or Mafia & Fluxy productions, whilst the soundscapes and siren shots add a new layer of depth to the minimalist rumble of sub and restrained hi hats.  This track alone is a good enough persuasion, if you ask us....

Afrik Slang kicks off with a short and snappy vocal sample before kicking right in with piercing warning shots of hi-frequency synths, swirling around a deadly drum track like a swarm of distressed killer bees... And killer it is.

‘Rot Beat’ goes in similarly hard – sickening, detuned synth and bass replace the misleading intro with a rugged step that sounds like a sleepy version of a Coki beat, yet somehow way cooler and more effortless. The odd pitch shifting bleeps and blips seem to cement the sound of musical malfunction to great effect… Tough!

Kubus goes in with a similarly skewed approach to dubstep and beat focused music. Delayed Snares and a struggling low-end make up the loose and lazy ‘Pruik’ sounding like a brilliantly stoned and hazy session in a dutch coffee shop, with the after effects of the magic mushroom still resounding in the brain. There's also the Skwee-ish madness of Kubus’ ‘Hillwood’… straight up headf*ck business.

…Another essential instalment of the Bloom Series of mostly overlooked gems.

Hand-Stamped White Label.

Aardvarck - Glitch

Aardvarck - Afrik Slang

Kubus - Pruik

Kubus - In Je Gaff