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Kuedo - Assertion Of A Surrounding Presence


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Kuedo returns with his first release since 2012 in the form of a seven track EP "Assertion Of A Surrounding Presence" on his own Knives Imprint

Formally one half of the mighty Vex'd releasing forward thinking Dubstep back in the day, Kuedo released his first album on Planet Mu back in 2011 and followed with a couple of 12s quickly after, this new record has been a long time coming and it is definitely worth the wait, returning with an EP (Mini album really!) of Sci-Fi sound design influenced pieces and electronica tracks which skirt the outermost fringes of contemporary dance music.

Over the seven tracks a range of moods and vibes are confidently expressed here, coming across as thought it was made to soundtrack a dystopian Sci-Fi flick. Whether it be the paranoid and oppressive themes of "Border State Collapse" with its steampunk sonics and Akira-esque bell motifs, the frisson inducing majesty of "Boundary Regulation" or the hypnotic tension of "Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain", the competency and vision realised here along with the breadth of ideas is astounding.

In amongst the layers of atmosphere, Kuedo has managed to convincingly weave threads of the hectic polyrhythms of Footwork, a Drum And Bass indebted mood and even the drug induced paranoia of the weirder end of Trap music, showing that this is not just for home listening, in the right environment these tracks could flourish in a club.


Border State Collapse

Boundary Regulation

Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain

Eyeless Angel Intervention