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Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space


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Jamie Vex'd aka Kuedo + Remixes on Planet Mu -

Coming from the same sessions of last years 'Severant' LP, 'Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space' is a superb effort to capture high-fidelity rhythms and pulsating bassline in the style of beats from the South of USA, re-imagining it into a world of it's own, much more captivating and richer in production detail.

Masterfully executed, it's a constant build-up of suspense and tension, with bright synthlines rising and morphing whilst the hi-hats oscillate at hi-speed around a sunken low-end.

The title track in itself is a very strong reason to own this record, but if you need further persuasion you can find a Laurel Halo remix following Kuedo's original on the topside... A tasteful re-interpretation that exports the elements further into new spheres with disjointed shots of violin dicing through warm chords and a slow-pulsed rhythm...

Turn it around, and we have the full-length remix by Claude Speed feat Jivraj Singh, entitled 'Infinity Ultra Rework' this reinterpretation moves at a much steadier pace than the original, slowly building it's way around swarming synthlines and subtle key changes until the improv-style drum work outs make their entry...

In our eyes, an accomplished three tracks disc, it's a fully captivating listen and holds enough weight for club-deployment.