• Kush Arora x Orogen x Titus 12 - Magma Pulse
  • Kush Arora x Orogen x Titus 12 - Magma Pulse

Kush Arora x Orogen x Titus 12 - Magma Pulse

Limbo Tapes

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Fresh up on Limbo Tapes, label boss Titus 12 links up with California's Kush Arora duo (aka Only Now, as spotted on BKV recently too) and Orogen for a cross-remix-culmination of tracks & re-works sent back & forth between the Atlantic, collected from the recent vaults of 2020-'21, and now collated here on this limited edition cassette, served with fresh art from Limbo crew Sean Lee aka Dive Reflex Service (last few copies of the Dive Reflex Lp are back in stock here too btw!).

The title 'Magma Pulse' makes descriptive sense in relation to the sound of these seven collaborative pieces... There's a definite feeling of a kind of 'earthly, slow motion force' playing out a bit like a timestretched earthquake or a hallucination of multi-coloured volcanic eruptions slowly covering imaginary landscapes in smog and lava, before morphing into an underbelly of sub-sonic bassweight tremors and shifting, sprawling frequencies that are drenched in dubwise reverberation.

There's a distant feeling of 'dub techno' here somewhere too, but not in a linear traditional sense, there's more energy contained in these structures. A constant of shifting sonics and abstracted melodics that want to escape from the deep foundations of filtered frequency, and submerged rhythm.

Edition of 60.
Artwork by Sean Lee.
Printed onbody, printed inlay.
Comes with DL Code.