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L.O.A. - In Your Cities, What About Feelings?

Forever Now

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We’re very pleased to have the second release on Naples’ very own Forever Now label, straight from source, courtesy of Royal Mail – chopped and screwed, serotonin depleted reinterpretations of some of the most iconic parties in Naples between the 90s & 00s -

‘For the second installment of their Forever Now, Dave Saved and NPLGNN worked together as L.O.A on a mixtape made chopping and screwing a lot of CDs containing live recordings of parties held in Naples roughly between 2001-2003 by one of the most iconic promoters crew of the city at that time called “Angels Of Love”.

Coming from the pill smiling tribes movement of the early ’90s, around ’94 AOL start to bring in Naples a lot of house icons like Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Masters At Work, Kenny Carpenter etc. building a scene that was so routed in the city, especially in the suburbs and provinces, to become almost a kind of sub-culture involving also fashion etc.

With their meticulous work the two Neapolitan heads rearranged a lot of samples in a new sonic broken collage. More relevant here turns out to be not the music in itself but the moment that particular sample represents.

It’s a work of excavation into a sub-culture of Naples. Overpitched voices, oversatured drums and a not specified amount of FX to give a new life to the memory, trying to face what we can call “traditions” to give new oblique directions. Past and present suspended into a contemporary oroboros of k-holing fantasia.

Doesn’t matter where you were at that time or what you were feeling, it’s the 00’s dancefloor black hole, the millenium bug of those emotions, re-emerged in our days frozen now and forever.’

We’ve been totally bowled over by this cassette, miss at your peril...


50 copies available, that's it.

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