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Lagos - Chop Up

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Cracking Compilation of Fuji, Afrobeat, Highlife and Juju, styles of music made famous throughout the World by the likes of the great percussionist Tony Allen and musical genius Fela Kuti.

Ranging across styles from the mid sixties and to the early eighties, this compilation covers various rhythmical angles and musical shapes of Nigeria’s proudest and most famous exporter of music: Lagos.
The amount of intelligence, skill and pure love for music packed inside this LP is so tremendous it’s just very hard not to feel involved when listening, let alone disliking it…

Packaged in a Gatefold 2 x 12” sleeve containing detailed notes by Michael Veal, Fela’s Biographer and splattered with vibrant, spot varnished artwork by young Lagotian Ogunajo Ademola.


A1: Sir Shina Adewale: Awa Ni Suprerstars
A2: Dr Victor Olaiya: Omelebele
A3: Etubom Rex Williams: Uwa Idem Mi
A4: Kollington Ayinla: Alhaja Sikira Adunnu / Ayinla Fuji E Gapupe
B1: Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa: Soffry Soffry Catch Monkey
B2: Nigerian Army Rhythm Group: Ebawa Se
B3: Eastern Ministrels: Selense
C1: Oliver De Coque: The Tragedy Story Of Two Friends
C2: Steven Amechi & His Rhythm Skies: ONye Na Eli Nkwu
C3: Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson: Owuna Derina
C4: Shina Williams & His AFrican Percussions: Ise Aje Male
D1: Shina Williams & His African Percussions: Egbekegbe / Emi Koni Koja

Dr Victor Olaiya- Omelebele

Etubom Rex Williams- Uwa Idem Mi

Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson- Owuna Derina

Sir Shina Adewale- Awa Ni Superstars