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Laila Sakini - Into the Traffic, Under the Moonlight

Laila Sakini

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Melancholy songs and sketches from Laila Sakini, originally a tape companion piece to her LP 'Vivienne', and now presented on vinyl across eight dreamy pieces, utilising piano, voice, cello, bass clarinet, flute, and weaving them into airy, textured songs, elevated via the effects signal chain and an organic, fluid arrangement -

This one drifts nicely... A refreshingly smooth listen with subtle elements of dream pop, rearing its head amidst the wash of piano & voice reverberations, interjections of loose, chugging drums, later rising & falling into raspy, breathy, (nearly sounding 'vocoded'!) bass clarinet parts (our highlight! - and it comes with a beat + beatless version too) in the later stage of this mini-album, which plays out like a kind of performance, or a piece, as one.

Lovely stuff, if you enjoy the sounds of Tara Clerkin Trio, Grouper, Jabu, - dare we say? Portishead - that kinda thing, then you'll find solace here too.

Mastered by Rashad Becker.
Features Brian Allen Simon on Bass Clarinet and a sample of Bernardo
Risquez’ cello.

Printed sleeve, nice quality vinyl pressing.

1. Talk My Way
2. Wade High
3. Into The Traffic
4. Easy Does
5. Metro
6. Hold It Heavy
7. Hold It Without a Beat
8. Night Emotion

Hold It Heavy

Wade High

Easy Does

Hold It Without A Beat