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Laila Sakini - Your Day Is My Night

Purely Physical

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Fully entrancing, shapeshifting 90-minute mix cassette transmissions from Brussel's Laila Sakini, here's a treat we picked out of our post-box, delivered to us via the London-based Purely Physical imprint -

Melbourne-born Laila Sakini is a DJ & selector with a style that circumvents club-tropes in favour of mind-engaging styles, and has proven potency via a whole host of one-off exhibitions and events, as well as killer radio shows for NTS, dublab, Red Light Radio etc etc.
This mix swerves via extra-lulling, early-hours balearic ambience and modern classical excursions into mind-altering industrial lo-fi and off-kilter dance-not-dance music in a very headsy, fully engaging way.

We can spy-out tracks from the likes of (fellow Melbourne musical activist) Tarquin Manek & Brannten Schnüre (Check the stuff for Blackest and Kashual Plastik!) as well as Maxwell Sterling, Drew McDowell and Group A, but most of it is stuff we've never heard before, and are now counting ourselves glad for having heard!

A tacklist is not included and this cassette, and it can only be heard in full via your tape player - in our eyes, this is a nice way to save the mystery and cherish the sounds within for time to come.

A very nice, never predictable but consistently 'high quality' mix - you can file it under: 'Musical therapy for your synapses and your soul'.

Wholehearted recommendations.

C90 tape, strictly offline.
Mixed by Laila Sakini.
Images by Belle Place.