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Laksa back on Timedance with this excellent 4 tracker, arguably his finest work to date - a canny fusion of dubwise pressure, FWD grooves and strong sonic tekkers.

Wigged out dancehall trippers on the A1, titled 'Ardhall' (channelling & referencing some Aardvarck maybe even?!) and a kinda Now Thing! sensibility with that tumbling dancehall step and acid lines that'll have your pupils dilating in no time - big tune this.

Next up, 'FWD ghosts' hints at the reference point once more, and really does whip up a ghostly vibe of a certain 00's London sound in very, very fine style. Proper dance-able, deep-groovin soundsystem music this one, might mix well with certain Tempa records such as the ole Horsepower gems, but would also bang in the mix with any of the newer Timedance gear, no doubt. Big tune again.

Bane, on the flip, turns the pressure dial to 11 and cranks some dizzying hi-freq against a proper head-to-toe rattling sub bass shakeout, and hats that'll have your hair falling off if the rig is tuned properly.
Might as well be called Body Shock Riddim, this one.

Then we got 'Sen On One' the final hit, and the title track to this disc.
Absolutely deadly stuff - callin' all 2k20 junglists and all the footworkin' lockdown steppers!

Mad good record, this - feels like that Timedance / Bristol-tinged soundsystem / club sound has really reached a peak right now with this, where could it go from here?!


FWD Ghosts


Sen On One