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Langham Research Centre - Tape Works Vol. 1 Remixes


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Limited 7" disc on Nonclassical, with remixes of concrete outfit Langham Research Centre, by legendary musician and producer Jim O' Rourke (Sonic Youth, Gastr Del Sol, Nurse With Wound etc etc) and Berlin industrial stalwarts Group A.

Langham Research Centre’s radiophonic experiments are twisted into new shapes on Tape Reworks Vol. 1, a split EP featuring remixes by renowned experimental musician Jim O’Rourke and Berlin-based industrial band group A.

On Side A, Jim O’Rourke uses ‘Quasar Melodics’ as his source material, transforming fizzing grains of sound into an oceanic swirl of noise. On the flip, group A find metallic rhythms and eerie melancholy in ‘Perpetual Motion’.

Hallucinatory sound collage committed to reel-to-reel via gramophone cartridges and vintage sine wave oscillators, in true musique concrete tradition, re-worked in fine style by Jim O' Rourke & Group A, it's a very gratifying sensation for all purveyors of the more strange and intriguing sound worlds out there... A very nice fit for the 7" format, for sure.


Quasar Melodics (Jim ORourke Remix)

Perpetual Motion (Group A Remix)