LAS - Backyard / TIC


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Absolutely essential Dubstep two tracker from Finnish producer Las on Vivek's System Music.

Following up stellar releases on the finest labels in the scene such as Innamind and Box Clever, Las makes his solo debut on System Music with two of the most in demand underground belters around.

These two have been rupturing systems on dubplate for a few years now, battered and rinsed by the scene's top selectors, rattling the foundations at every System night since its creation.

Starting off with Backyard, an unassuming shaker riff intro leads into a yawing assault of atonal sub bass, sure to test even the most proficient of sound systems and shake the fillings out a soundboys mouth!

The flip holds the real star of the show however, "Tic" is an absolute monster, combining the best of Mala's percussive rollers with the smudged dub sonics of Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby. Another subdued intro leads into a barrage of sub as an unhinged triplet syncopation clangs and burrows into your head, guaranteed to pummel the dancefloor into a bewildered frenzy.

System sound for System people!