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LAS - Gunfam / This Morning


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Top-a-top dubstep artillery from Innamind crew member LAS.

Up top is the gully as you like swagger of 'Gunfam', steaming through with more than a hit of early Digital Mistikz about it. Rasping brass licks and iced out synth lines seal the deal on this one, giving a nod to the old school and adding that unmistakable  LAS flavor to the mix

On the flip is the humid, chord laced swing of 'This Morning' - Opening with pensive choral washes before descending into rib bruising bass and propulsive hi-hats. This one is so dank and stepping it'll give you a nasty case of trenchfoot if you hang around too long...

Wicked plate this one, timeless sound and built with enough technical know-how to ensure it'll rattle the rig when given the chance...


This Morning