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  • ZamZam035

LAS - Travelling / Omega Dub

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Heavy load of dub from LAS on ZamZam -

If the Titus 12 cut that dropped around the same time as this serves as the lively-up side of transformed digital dub or ska, then this LAS cut can act as the counterpart for the stripped back continuum of Sly & Robbie's most drum & bass centric dubwise from the late 70's.
Obviously forwarding a few decades with junglist and dubstep culture in the bag and the cracked knack for maximum bassweight under every self respecting producers belt.

Up top, we have 'Travelling' which comes locked and loaded with sub, easing it's way through distant vocal and bumping drums, infectious dubstep -
LAS knows how to do it!

Underneath things get a bit more dubby, with the pirate swagger of bass & drums in triplets, whilst the chops come and go, making way for the looming ambience of the echo chamber with the amplifiers max'd up in the reds.

Limited edition, screenprinted, vinyl-only.

You know what to do!


Omega Dub