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LAS - Your Eyes 2 x 12

Innamind Recordings

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Deep soundsystem music via LAS on Innamind -

Solid dubstep releases are certainly not a regularity anymore these days, but it always brings a smile to our faces when we hear a good one pop-up...  Injected with a big amount of dub sensibility and effective restraint, this double-disc effort moves with that kind of heavy, yet effortless swagger that we love about these 140bpm sub-driven structures.

Fully intended for capable speakers, LAS delivers 5 heavily loaded tracks for this EP- there's even a great 100ish bpm chugger on there, with the rhythm swinging with full-bodied bassline in tow, a refreshing compliment to the menu.

Each track is cut nice and loud across the grooves - true soundsystem gear.

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Your Eyes

Aspect / Lesson