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Properly great, properly tripped out ambient / drone / experimental synth excursions from out of Dublin via wherethetimegoes -

We got a handful of these lastminuteman tapes in a package some time ago with that All Times Now Nothing LP, of which, by the way, we still have a couple in stock here - don't sleep if you're on the hunt for some below-the-radar, and highly unique greatness.

This lastminuteman release here impresses equally with a real & direct approach that leaves preconceptions and rulebooks aside, in favour of a tripped out, introspective and honest approach to sound, melody and production -
From the opening widescreen synth melodics of North Circular Midi, through to modulated arpeggios working their way through field recording and vocal skewage, helicopter 'apocalypse later' benzo trips in chopped & screwed ambient style, almost-electro dream pop excursions, and, last but not least, that absolutely epic, 13min horizontal drone trip which makes up the finishing cut, and really does take you somewhere else, with all it's tape-washed, blue note synthline glory...

The tape is filled with great off-kilter songs, synth sketches and rhythmic ideas which make this worthwhile already, with all those beautifully weird harmonics and understated symphonies, but it's the tracks such as that last cut 'Walking Into Winter At Night', which make this tape a very, very valid addition, if not entirely essential to any self-respecting experimental / DIY tape lover out there, looking for something honest and intriguing, served up from below the radar -

Last few of these -
served up on C60 grey transparent tapes.

1.North Circular Midi
2.The One Too Many
3.Fox Trot/Eavesdrop
4.Benzo Fit
5.Machine Zone
6.Cathedral Lane Walk
7.Walking into Water at Night

Benzo Fit

North Circular Midi

Cathedral Lane Walk

Walking into Water at Night