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LazyTapes - Skully Cat Long-Sleeve


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Fresh LT longsleeve design!

In celebration of LazyTapes 04 -

Designed by Patch D Keyes, and screen printed at Uno One Print in Bristol, with a four location, two colour print on a black longsleeve Tshirt.

The same cat design that graces Ossia & Cera Khin's Skully Mix, the fourth release on Cera Khin's LazyTapes imprint (fresh out now, go grab that!), also graces the sleeve here, mirrored by a Japanese translation of LazyTapes (the mix includes enough Nippon sounds to justify this) and served with the O.G. LT logo on the front, and sport-size LT type on the back.

All printed in tasty white and purple on a black high quality 100% cotton garment.

Limited edition!

Wash at 30c, inside out.
Wear with a smile.