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Le Matin - Destroy The Comfort Zone

Isaiah Tapes

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There's a tongue-in-cheek ethos underpinning "Destroy The Comfort Zone", Charles Torris aka Le Matin's cd + 12'' sampler for Moscow-based Isaiah Tapes. Whether it's through track names like "Cat Vomit" or the frantic left-turns that define his off-the-cuff style, Torris knows how to create a mood and then happily subvert it over the course of the track.

Destroy The Comfort Zone occupies a similar space to Dopplereffekt, taking the electro form to all sorts of weird places and hybridising it with genres spanning techno, grime and the sort of stripped down beats that Aardvark's spent his career mastering.

To be honest we think this is a bit of a hidden gem - full of detail, richness and flair, and exactly the kind of thing that you'll find yourself keeping reaching for.

If this isn't the definition of an under the radar banger, we don't know what is.

Comes with full album on CD and a 12'' Vinyl Sampler with 6 selected tracks.

Side 1
1. "Ma Voisine La Pute" (5:26)
2. "Experience Regeneratrice" (3:52)
3. "Russian Drifting" (3:32)
Side 2
1. "De Coeur Ton Battre" (6:05)
2. "M05 Michel Platini" (4:51)
3. "Pot Casser" (2:50)

1. "Decomposition"
2. "Ma Voisine La Pute"
3. "Experience Regeneratrice"
4. "Yeah"
5. "Macrobiotique"
6. "Russian Drifting"
7. "Cat Vomit"
8. "De Coeur Ton Battre"
9. "MO5 Michel Platini"
10. "Patatra"
11. "Gender Wars"
12. "Pot Casser"

Ma Voisine La Pute

Experience Regeneratrice

Russian Drifting

De Coeur Ton Battre