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Leather Rats - No Live ’Til Leather '98

Bokeh Versions

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Absolute diamond of a release from our pals @ Bokeh versions, which, as usual, is perfectly described by their immaculate write ups which you can read below...

This one's seen a LOT of play at our HQ, a quick blast of the clips will show why - really vital cassette this one, listen good!

"Sweet rat infested tape gold rescued from the cosmic dust bin & handed to us without comment from Sir Revsalot (lead vox?), here's what our ears tell us:

Leather Rats were seemingly a late 90s punkish psychobilly act blessed with a huge-sounding Japanese following. Their mix of Cramps-esque trash sensibilities, Munster Records kinda psychobilly disease and garage mod (with a hint of Creedance) might not be that unusual. But then the first track clocks into it's second half wooooooooosh someone flips the switch and the mixing desk takes a solo; blasting back out twisted versions of the band with steppas-grade bass distortions and spiralling drums right back at the audience.

The crowd goes wild, really for all of it. Even the lyrical rat caricatures and tales of fast bikes and 'hydroponic rat food' injected knife fights. I can't even see that they ever entered a studio, they lived live in Leather and nowhere else besides. Retrobeat loving Osaka clearly had their band that night, so wild for this punk/rockabilly/extended live dub version fusion (we've not heard it many other places). How could Bokeh resist?

And if anyone can put us onto more psychodubilly we'll start a dedicated outlet."

Ships with printed patch & Artwork print.

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