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Lee Gamble - Diversions 94-96


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>>Card Sleeve Repress<<

Lee Gamble at his finest. An entire album crafted entirely from his enviable collection of Hardcore and Jungle cassettes. A heady trip through the dread filled space of Jungle breakdowns that stretch into infinity with the occasional reference point for you to latch on to. (Sample spotters’ heaven.) ‘M25 Echo’ makes excellent use of delay and reverb to sculpt the recycled source material into something far greater than its parts.

‘Digbeth’ is the trail of an anthem that is perpetually on the brink of dropping, a surprisingly tense trip that is a fantastic example of minimalism at work.

Of course, it’s not all dread ambiance. ‘Dollis Hill’ lets loose the breakbeats at the perfect point in the album. However, the stand-out for us is the final track ‘Rufige’, a whirlwind of mentasms that would leave even Spirit quaking in his boots – an epic end to an ferocious and captivating album that you can dip into again and again. 10 draw optional…



M25 Echo