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Lee Perry - Underground Root / Root Underground

Black Art

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Another big one from the Upsetters vaults - this Lee 'Scratch' Perry dubwise piece on the same rhythm as Clive Hilton's 'From Creation' but it's a newer cut with a vocal interjection from Ari Up (of The Slits fame!), served up on 7" here with two dubplate cuts, each one raw & full of lifeforce, in the finest of Lee Perry traditions -

The vocal is beautiful in its sparse application here - it seems that it was recorded just a few years ago, as part of a rare re-visit (Lee Perry famously said that he 'has no time no for the past') of early Upsetters material from around '76, when his classic LP Super Ape was released. But we're glad the members from his touring band 'Sub Atomic' convinced him to check back on this classic cut and spice it with something different - because it sounds real grand with Ari Up on that extra vox, and still very true to the original style either way, and it's serving as a real vibes injection to a cool roots rhythm at its very finest.
Nice to see a connection with UK post punk legend Ari Up being made here anyway.
This one works a treat.
Lee Perry (Long may his music live) let's the hi-hats sing through the mu-tron and lets the guitar shake and scatter through tape-echo delays, whilst the bassline (originally Boris Gardiner (probably!)) comes cool & deadly, applied tone for tone, with vigour and just the right amount of restraint. This one's a big vibe.

This one appeared on the classic Super Ape LP back then in 1976, as well as some Pressure Sounds reissue works, in various cuts & guises, and now it's back in this ruff update version from recent years, timeless as ever, on a 7" via the Black Art / Reggae Fever connection.... Pressed up at our favourite DIY 7" pressing plant in Hamburg too.


Lee Perry / Upsetters - Underground Root

Lee Perry // Upsetters - Root Undergound