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Lemzly Dale - Catty EP

Sector 7 Sounds

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Following the mad Ishan & Boofy 12', and that stealthy Drone EP - next up we got pure heat coming from Sector 7 Family 'Lemzly Dale' - back on the buttons, taking a sidestep from his very-own Pearly Whites imprint with four cuts that cross the lines between o.g. grime, R&G, UK Funky and even a tinge of that rap & footwork kinda lean with those hi-hats and 808 snares flinging across big subs like it's nothing.

'What We Do' ft. Merky Ace is the big one here, and it's been getting wheeled and dealed on Sir Spyro's 1xtra show, if you needed some kind of certification.
Exclusive to the vinyl, you can also get the instrumental, called 'Catty' .... Might even be a little nod to Wiley Kat's Eskimo styles from back then? Even if not, there's certainly some of that gliding squarewave sparseness coming to full effect here... All in Lemzly Dale's original twist of course though!

High Noon, the second cut on the disc, sets off a guitar sample that sounds like it's coming straight from the saloon scene in a cowboy flick, one of those moments where the wrong person enters the room and things are about to get bucky.
In this case it's the flurry of snares and detuned synths that pop off in a UK Funky meets Grime down Trap alley kinda way.
Infectious as f*ck and proper good club swagger this one, no doubt.

Go Away, the third cut, rolls out some of that Rhythm & Grime vibe that Lemz' has shown his knack for already... Locking & loading them smooth samples in quickfire mode across off-beat snare & hi-hats that roll and stutter with ease.

Another hotly tipped disc on Sector 7 Sounds, a label that is shaping up to be one of Bristol's finest underground imprints.

hand-stamped one side... yung Lemz' on the other side.

What We Do (feat. Merky Ace)

High Noon

Go Away

Catty (Vinyl Exclusive)