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RwdFwd pal and formidable DJ, Milo Bragg takes a break from heading up the buying department at Juno and unveils his Future Primitive label in the finest style -

A stretched edit of 1994 production Fusion I occupies the A side, a pensive but rolling number that still sounds completely fresh. A stunning pad melody (really, seriously stunning) and a rhythm section that elevates from ethereal 4/4 to proper, heads down stomper business.

The B side Evocation Part II (remastered) is an ambient production dating back to 1996, originally released on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label. Remastered for 2016 ears, this will go down like a treat as an intro or interlude in any strong-minded DJ's set.

Aeon Fusion I (2016 Stretched Edit)

Evocation Part II (remastered)