• Leo Anibaldi - Classics (w/ Donato Dozzy Remix)

Leo Anibaldi - Classics (w/ Donato Dozzy Remix)

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Beyond classic 90s Italian trippy tunnel techno from the under-appreciated master at work, Leo Anibaldi. Supplanted by his more famous younger bredren Donato Dozzy, Leo actually wrote the entire Northern Electronics script with his classicly undefinable Muta LP in 1993.

Classic cut Muta 5 appears here, you need it. And a previously unheard version of Endurance 4 from thee foundational and sought after Endurance 12" (1994). Both provide a solid intro to the Anibaldi world; all sparkling ambient arp mode and intense, dense kicks and clicks with a subaquatic driving NRG. Something like Tangerine Dream reworking the Chain Reaction catalogue locked in Drexciya's Atlantean spy base.

But for our money you NEEED this in your cart for the Dozzy refix of Muta 5. A genius stroke of A&R, Dozzy adds swathes of interlocking percussion and FX flutters to Anibaldi's near perfect stems. Masterclass imminent. 

Fans of: John T Gast, Dino Sabatini, Levon Vincent, GAS, T++, John Beltran, Rephlex Records, Shinichi Atobe, Sandwell District; You fucking need this one in your arsenal.

Muta 5

Endurance 4 (version II)

Muta 5 (Donato Dozzy remix)

Endurance 4 (version II - Donato Dozzy remix)