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Lettera 22 - Control The Ground

Haunter Records

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Milan noise specialists and rave organisers Haunter Records return with a tape of powerful electro-acoustic work from Lettera 22.

‘Control The Ground’ consists of pieces conceived from the minds of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza.
Contact microphones and tape recorders are pushed to the extremes of their capabilities, with some digital processing also audible.
The screeching electronics also see a way paved for more ambient, calming moments amidst the storm, culminating in a dynamic, fluid consecution of sonics that keeps the intrigue at high levels throughout.
A real journey into the depths of electronic sound, taking in the disciplines of musique concrete with a tinge of dubwise technique, to form something uniquely immersive and abstract.
Control The Ground is their first release for Haunter Records, recorded in the summer of 2015, inspired by war bulletins, radio transmissions and ghost stations.

Served with a suitably typographic design, it's a fresh looking tape filled with underground sonics - warm recommendations from us, as with all the Haunter Records gear!

Printed B&W inlay,
black printed on white cassette.

A side Clip

B Side Clip