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Leyden Jars - Gone

Outer Reaches

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Another absolute gem from the Outer Reaches label - who gave us that 'Prol' tape by Omen - here comes this special 10 track piece of 'disembodied dub, radiophonic interference, and revelatory DIY poetics' from Natalie Williams & Mark Courtney as Leyden Jars -

Leyden Jars are a discreet London duo who’ve been releasing their wares since ‘15, primarily via the sorely missed Mordant Music imprint.
However for their latest & greatest they’ve signed up with the promising Outer Reaches label. Their tidy backcat ranges from reissues of 80s DIY synth-pop/punk outliers to errr...contemporary DIY synth-pop/punk outliers.
And props to them for doing just that. Far too many reissue labels are simply resting on the laurels of yesteryear, without ever putting a foot forward into the constant NOW, cowards!

Leyden Jars hold an uncanny position in this sense; inherently indebted to what’s come before whilst staunchly marching forward into unchartered territory. It would be simply unseemly to not draw a direct line from the Radiophonic Workshop through to Broadcast before finally arriving with Leyden Jars, though nothing is ever that simple…

So yeah, we’re back in Hauntology territory again. Though this concept of ‘lost futures’ surely reached a saturation point a few years back, has it ever been more apt than right now? I sure don’t know where those last 9 months have Gone.

London Gone