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LHF vs Ragga Twins - From The Edge ep

Keysound Recordings

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The LHF (Double Helix) crew regroup and treat us to a 4 tracker laced with the iconic and comforting chatter of the Ragga Twins, unearthed and used with permission from the legendary duo.

Twisting pure Metalheadz dread atmospheres around an agile 2-step beat on the lead track, laced with suitably dark spoken samples and police radio chatter and spliced with breaks for deadly effect. Tellingly titled '2000 Dust' opens the B side, sounding like a lost EL-B dub with a crafty piece of Full Cycle, or Wu-Tang, or Aretha Franklin (depending on the vintage of your collection) sampling history in there for good measure, proper rollage right here, cool and deadly.

The EP closes with the intoxicating MIDI saxophone licks of 'Street Wise', floating on some seriously rotund bass and taught beats, definately a highlight of an already wicked EP.

Keysound nail that magic blend of all that's wicked and bad about the UK underground, haul and pull up!

Fugese (feat Ragga Twins)

Exodus (feat Lumin Project & Ragga Twins)

2000 Dust (feat Low Density Matter & Ragga Twins)

Street Wise (feat Ragga Twins)