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High-definition William Gibson interpretations -

Spread across this concept LP, are 6 extremely crisp tracks of super-intense sonic manifestations that touch on the cyberpunk ethos, as coined by the legendary sci-fi author William Gibson.
Sci-Fi is a subject that seems to be popular with electronic musicians, possibly due to the fact that they are constantly dealing with electronics and the future...
A recent example of cyperpunk interpretations is 'Lily's' 'Modern Malaise' that appeared on cassette via Bristol's 'NoCorner' imprint, and is soon to be re-issued on vinyl.

However, 'Liar's' work here represents a parallel dimension to that of Lily's, these tracks steer further from the intended grit and destructive production, attaining a much brighter sound, filling the grooves with frequency and interchanging the rhythms and melodies at a fast pace.

The outcome is truly involving, spanning moments of cinematic orchestration across extreme scenarios of music from the past, take the brilliantly schizophrenic 'Mutagen' for example - a futuristic blend of grime, hardcore and jungle that blends stylistics of Terror Danjah with the frantic precision of Venetian Snares to form something that could really keep a dancefloor on it's toes.

The tracks often move through various scenarios and levels, at times bringing in distorted blips and zaps in the style of old Vex'd productions, before endulging into beatless sections of sound design that can incorporate vocal chops, string synthesis or even a quick bit of sax or electric guitar , bringing back that gibson-esque future-retro feeling of  the 80's sci-fi visions.

From the madness of certain Night Slugs releases, the definition and progression of Amon Tobin and the aggro of Jone E Cash, the references draw from the Old - as well as New School music, Liar's 'Cybertime' is a real melting point of styles and references, that combines trademarks of dance music from the last few centuries, and merges them with the high-definition production and sounds favourite futuristic films of past and present... We could go much further into describing each track's journey,
the detail in the production is pretty incredible really, but we'll leave the surprises to the listener.

This LP is a madness.
It includes some potential dancefloor bombs, and it is in itself,
a very unique and involving listen.

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