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Liberators - Racial Situation 12''


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Big, big, big, biiiig Tune!

This one, served on a white label 12" comes cut with a real roots-diamond from the Liberators -
one of the most heartfelt sufferers tunes heard in a long time. A peaceful, solemn protest against racism - 'throw away your racist regime'.
Comes with a killer dub version too. Hairs standing up. That kinda business.

Flip it, for another beautiful thing, from 1975 originally out on 'Fight' -
Sidney Rogers with 'I Don't Want To End Up In Slavery'.

We have literally just two copies of this right now (had to have one for ourselves too you know) and not sure when this is coming back in stock, so act fast if you feel this one.

Liberators - Racial Situation


Sidney Rogers - Don't Want To End Up In Slavery