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Lily - Memory Jacket


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His/her/their ‘Modern Malaise’ album on NoCorner was a firm favourite around these parts and ‘Memory Jacket’ is a sight for sore ears after playing the cassette nearly to death.

Don’t Be Afraid coaxes what is quite possibly the finest track from the shadowy producer to date, a super sludgy and sleazy number that stumbles through dimly lit corridors in the small hours. Settling on a groove reminiscent of early Kowton and Workshop Kassem Mosse productions early on, Memory Jacket rolls out for the duration of the side without ever getting stale – not an easy feat to accomplish.

Madteo is on remix duties for the B-side, a perfect choice given his sterling back catalogue of, well, delightfully weird and vaguely techno-orientated releases. His ‘Tutto Nero’ remix is comprised of two contrasting elements, a familiar loopy drum beat forming a base for his signature warped FX and spoken word textures that make what, at first, appears to be a by-numbers remix into uncharted territory full of freaky shapes and unexpected encounters – absolute gold.


Memory Jacket

Memory Jacket (Madteo RMX)