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Fresh, and already-very-scarce piece of sonic tapestry from our friends at Limbo Tapes -

This one is a bit of a treat - immense amounts of work and a keen ear for collage of vast source material collected over the years, with heaps of local personalities, tv & radio moments and of course home-grown material all sewn into this hour long mesh of curiosities.

Checkkkkkk, what they have to say about it:
"For the past two years Radio Limbo has been transmitting for one hour a month on Noods Radio, Bristol. Each episode contains music, signature sound design and disembodied voices plundered from the airwaves.This tape recording is a carefully edited selection of excerpts from this total 24 hours of Limbo programming. Join us as we look back and explore some of the moments that define our show.

Think of this tape as an auditory illusion resembling the sounds of a fevered dream or an extended audio hallucination, that for a short time after listening, skews your perception of the real world. Warping any recorded voices you encounter into something strange and dreamlike.

24 hours in Radio Limbo holds close all the most endearing traits of radio production but also shines a flickering light on the contrived absurdity of much of mainstream radio’s output. The forced sincerity of phone in hosts, the exaggerated intonation in presenter’s voices and the obnoxious garishness of radio jingles all become larger than life, and slightly unhinged.
The voices on this tape were collected from mostly mainstream broadcasts and then lovingly repurposed to create a kind of psychedelic satire/love letter to the radio world. Like poking fun a much admired acquaintance in the hope that this will somehow help you become better friends."

Produced by Pete Hazell & Sean Lee.
Additional voices are Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley, Tom Beyer, Ed Kear, David Harridine, Pete Hazell, Sean Lee, Pearl Watkins and Jonah Oisín Lee-Brunsdon.

"Out to everyone who's voice or music ended up on this tape as part of the editing process."

Edition of 24.
Recycled, clear-frosted tape, with colour sleeve (incredible inner page).
Hand labelled with embossed black tape in a clear case.

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Side A Clip

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Side B Clip