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Limbo Tapes - Carvings Vol. 1

Limbo Tapes

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A little while in the planning, Limbo Tapes (run by ZamZam's Titus 12) has launched with this well on point compilation of Bristol heads. Tapping into the wealth of talent in the city and collating some tracks that are bound by aesthetic rather than tempo. As the label themselves put it - 'A home for new & otherworldly beats, atmosphere, and experimental music'.

O$VMV$M, Piezo and Kinlaw all contribute alongside some lesser known heads like Auxx & Symatic - spanning the outerreaches of techno, wonky hip-hop, submerged 2-step and crate-digging-smoked-out MPC jams all in one neat package.

Even for those with their finger on the pulse of what's happening in Bristol right here and now, this tape will throw up a couple of surprises and shows just how fertile the Bristol underground is.

O$VMV$M - Fuc Myc

Piezo - Litchi

Kinlaw - Saint H

How Du - Rockinit