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Deadly vocal & versions 2lp on Greensleeves –

Originally issued as 'Scientist Encounters Pacman at Channel One' in the early 80's - Scientist is of course still responsible for those deadly dubs on the second disc, but this 2016 reissue comes with a deserved credit for the often overlooked producer (and vocal) talents of Linval Thompson, who had his finger in a lot of good pies in Kingston.
For the first time, this release features both vocals and versions together in one package, across two discs.

Linval Thompson is known mainly as a vocalist who earned his stripes in the foundation years and continues to do so over many more years.
But as well as working behind the microphone, he has worked with the greatest voices in reggae music to this day, and a big heap of his productions would’ve been recorded with the one-and-only Roots Radics Band and later dubbed off by none other than King Tubby’s young engineer and genius on the mixing desk in his own right: ‘Scientist’.

Featuring classic vocal cuts from the Linval Thompson himself along peers such as Eek-E-Mouse, The Meditations, Dennis Brown and The Viceroys, it's a great opportunity to hear these classics along with their respective Scientist dubs, all compiled on a very good-looking 2LP.

Remastered and presented with big foldout poster.
Two discs: One featuring vocal cuts, one loaded with the dubs.

Side One:
1. Under Surveillance - Roots Radics
2. Prince's Wrath - Roots Radics
3. Space Invaders Re-Group - Roots Radics
4. World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds - Roots Radics
5. Vampire Initiative - Roots Radics
Side Two:
6. Malicious Intent - Roots Radics
7. The Dark Secret Of The Box - Roots Radics
8. Man-Trap - Roots Radics
9. S.O.S. - Roots Radics
10. Look Out-Behind You! - Roots Radics

Side Three:
1. Sensee Party - Eek-A-Mouse
2. Strictly The Dread - Toyan
3. Things Couldn't Be The Same - Linval Thompson
4. My Love - Dennis Brown
5. How Yuh Look Gal Pon De Street - Toyan
6. Are You Ready - Linval Thompson
7. Can't Stop Us Now - The Viceroys
Side Four:
8. Do You Remember (12" Mix) - Eek-A-Mouse
9. Carpenter Rebuild - The Meditations
10. Time Is Important - The Viceroys
11. Talk Of The Town - The Meditations
12. Holding On To My Girlfriend - Linval Thompson
13. Wife And Sweetheart - Nicodemus

Side One Clips (Dubs)

Side Two Clips (Dubs)

Side Three Clips (Vocals)

Side Four Clips (Vocals)