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Lion Youth - Three Million On The Dole

Virgo Stomach

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1982 follow up to Lion Youth's 'Rat A Cut Bottle', and a poignant social / political observation of a time when UK jobless rates were at an all-time high -

The 'Dole' for all those outside of the UK, is the slang word used for the benefit system which so many have to rely on, just to get by in life.
Lion Youth's 1982 'Three Million On The Dole' is an outcry from within the black community and other marginalised communities below the poverty line - sadly, not much has changed, and politricks still favours the middle class - so rebel music must continue, borders must continue to be broken and unity must be strengthened - a core sentiment of reggae music, sufferers music.

This 12" comes with that vocal cut, backed with the 'Three Million Posse' dub version on the flip - A proper piece of original drum & bass, a dubwise killer - 'listen the drums there!'

Lion Youth - Three Million On The Dole

Three Million Posse - Unemployed Dub