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Livity Sound - The Remixes


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The Livity Sound series has been nothing but quality, since the trio of Pev, Asusu and Kowton started releasing their own individual and collaborative greyscale techno reductions we have been desperate for more. A flawless combination of uncompromising dancefloor sonics and a true dub aesthetic combine the best of both of musical worlds and it is done with the bare minimum of fuss, drum machines, mixing desk and a few effects.

2014 saw the label invite an allstar cast of heavy hitters to remix their output, 12 tracks, 11 remixers (A Made Up Sound did two versions of Velez, both are superb) all on one handsome CD in a gatefold cover designed by Tess Redburn. It's hard to pick favourites here as it is start to finish quality - Surgeon was tasked with refixing 'Raw Code' by Pev & Kowton, a monster of a track, proper peak time club weaponary, as are the Tessela and Stenny & Andea mixes of Pev & Kowton. More introspective re-workings come from Dresven and the boss of Ostgut Ton, Nick Hoppner, something for all tastes on here and a top drawer listen from start to finish too...

1. Kowton ‘More Games’ (MM/KM More Names remix)

2. Asusu ‘Velez’ (A Made Up Sound remix 2)

3. Pev & Kowton ‘Raw Code’ (Surgeon remix)

4. Pev & Kowton ‘Vapours’ (Pangaea remix)

5. Pev & Asusu ‘Surge’ (MMM remix)

6. Pev & Kowton ‘End Point’ (Stenny & Andrea remix)

7. Asusu ‘Velez’ (A Made Up Sound remix 1)

8. Asusu ‘Sister’ (Nick Höppner remix)

9. Pev ‘Livity’ (Ghost-202 remix)

10. Kowton ‘Jam01’ (Beneath remix)

11. Pev ‘Aztec Chant’ (Tessela remix)

12 Asusu ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’ (Dresvn remix)

Asusu - Too Much Time Has Passed - Dresven Refix

Pev & Asusu - Surge (MMM RMX)

Asusu - Velez (AMUS RMX V1)