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Lizzitsky - MOLTO CRUDO

Never Sleep

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Absolutely rude gabba / hardcore / dancehall / grime / bassbin crossovers from London via Brazil/Russia producer Lizzitsky, on Gabber Eleganza's 'Never Sleep' imprint -

Bored of sitting on the sofa? Well... Try turning this one up to the max, and shadow box your way out of inner-confinmenent.

Across 6 traxxx, Lizzitsky (who we've been told has been about in the UK scene for some time, under a different name) loads up hard knox gabber styles and neuro-ambience, twisting them into something new.
Still perusing the brute energy of 90's warehouse sounds, yet bending them into more complex arrangements and rhythm programming that take in a host of UK, JA and european rave & soundsystem attributes and splice them with a 2020 sound craft - it's not as simple as adding a lazy retro re-style tag to this record.

A ruff, tough, history bending / future-facing 12" that should please fans of hard-egded dance music, as well as those looking for off-kilter club weaponry, tense ambience and stylistic versatility in their records.

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