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Logos - Glass (devils mix)

Different Circles

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Boylan anoints the already sinister Glass with a fresh dose of precision engineered aggression, mediated by eons of dread-tinged space......... Hot Tip!!

As if the original weren't good enough, the Different Circles crew unleash a brand new sub-label, Devils, to reframe their hyper-futurist output into the context of those early Wiley experiments, Devils Mixes.

Logos and co. have already admitted the influence those beats had on their work, so this move comes as no surprise, and boy does Boylan bring the goods, ramping up the junglist references into a taut frenzy, with explosions of bass and hoover synths threatening to overtake each other at any second.... the tension never eases up, making a tune that, while being fairly sparse rhythmically, propels itself forward at breakneck speed.

So heavy.

Glass - (Boylan Devils mix)