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Lokal Affair - Seremunia EP

Boomarm Nation

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Another great abstract worldly soundsystem excursion on PDX's Boomarm Nation, this time welcoming Tunisian-born Malek Midouni aka Lokal Affair for a limited edition 12", backed up with a bad, bad, badbwoy Alter Echo remix -

Kicking off with the slow-chug of Hala Hala, warming the ear lobes to the heated atmospherics and far-out samplism that ensues during the EP, Lokal Affair draws from a palette that feels refreshingly rooted in a very human setting, in the label's words 'inspired by life in the Sahara desert, evening fire rituals, and ecstatic drumming styles'.
The second lick, Seremunia adds drops of booming subbass to a steady slo-mo 4x4 groove and percussive response that is geared at the hips and shoulders.
As we proceed to the flip, Goumari picks up the pace for a fiery, Muslimgauze-esque rhythm-chop, with rolling percussive elements layering across the foundations with a remarkable fluidity, a real energetic, yet cooly paced piece.

A real nice contrast to the up-tempo jams of Lokal Affair, and quite possibly our highlight of the disc, is that deep and dangerous dubwise explosion brought on by version wizard Alter Echo.
Narsty bass drifts off into a sea of reverbed jungle ambience and screams, while the percussive elements and groove remain untouchably tough and thorough...
This one is a force to be reckoned with.

Limited edition of 300.
Printed sleeve.

Hala Hala



Goumari (Alter Echo Remix)