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Lord Skywave - Cardamon Copy


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New ferric-grade goodness on Astro:Dynamics -

The next addition to the ever-fresh catalogue of the Astro:Dynamics label, comes in the form of Lord Skywave and his beautifully considered journey through 9 tracks of melodic bliss.  Alongside brilliant efforts by the likes Vaghe Stelle, Nenado, Alis and 1991 to name a few, the latest tape 'Cardamon Copy' is aesthetically in keeping whilst holding it's own nonetheless.

The album opens with Dungeness, all clicks and pops until a scuzzy and enchanting melody circles forward followed by indistinguishable vocals and a prominent hi-hat rhythm all coming together to create the perfect introduction to a feral ride through songs and structures.

Moving through it's paces in perfect tune and timing, the album opens itself up whilst the reels turn, from 'Eggshells' brilliantly textured and restrained, eerily tranquil atmosphere.
to the rolling synth arpeggios in Lab Mouse Maze, the ( possible guitar ? ) melodies in Newt, the warmth in The Tender Cave.
Everything is executed with a refreshing charm, deeply melancholy yet upful, on every listen you can't help but smile.

Recorded on a Tascam 4 track, the qualities of the cassette work so well asthetically across this album, adding to the human touch amongst the strange and unfamiliar.
Always leaning on distortion without ever becoming over bearing, the album holds that Lo-fi aesthetic in a perfectly balanced way.
Vocal harmonies dance with analogue synthesis and delayed loops, this is unconventional pop music at it's best.

A very compelling, musically accomplished listen.
If you liked the 1991 Cassette / LP that was released on the label some time ago, you'll love this too.

Includes dl code.
Served with a printed j-card and on-body printed cassettes.

1. Dungeness
2. Eggshells
3. Fauns
4. Lab Mouse Maze
5. Severndroog
6. Newt
7. Nimbus
8. The Tender Cave
9. Lakeawake

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