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Lord Tusk - Natural Partnership EP


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Diverse dancefloor material from Lord Tusk with a rough-and-ready debut 12" on Levels -

London-based club night and NTS radio contributors step up with some fresh cuts for their first vinyl release.

Four tracks on the disc, each one moves with a slightly different swagger, tinged with raw and untouched synthesis, it is clear that it's all about the rhythms and forward-pushing song structure here... from the digi-dancehall-esque drum patterns of the title track to the brilliant afro-house / slo-mo grime - almost shangaan style - crossover that 'Non Conformist' lays out for us, it's a rhythmically and aesthetically diverse 12" - which is a good thing!

Innocent, understated synthlines and high-power rhythm combine to make something that will liven up a dancefloor whilst staying fresh and original, no doubt.

Turn it up loud!

Natural Partnership (Hightower Mix)

Non Comformist

As We Speak It Growes Stronger

Female Bodyguards (Arms House Mix)