• Los Savages - Slappy Five

Los Savages - Slappy Five


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Proper Bristol DIY 2020 self-release this - 5 tracks crammed onto a 7" with amazing foldout poster. DIY prices too!
Los Savages are Dean Lane Hardcore’s treasured surf punk originals! Coming on like the Cramps in a mariachi Tarantino nightmare via Bokeh's Bad Twang - this is street trash music for urban swamp dwelling peoples.
Often found playing guerilla-stylee under the M32 or causing a stage invasion at Crofters to a rollicking encore of the Batman theme (this I actually witnessed). LS are just shit loads of fun to be honest. From the sleazy Mexicana trumpets of 'Mongo Stomp' and 'Repenchilado' or snaking guitar lines on 'Slappy Five' to the Schwarzenegger baiting 'Predator' - the 7" event closes with the sound of a distant ollie. 100% real.
DIY style local punk 7" business -
5 (short) tracks on a 7" - Recession beater!



The Thing

Mongo Stomp

Slappy Five