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Loud-E - Hard Rocks EP

Berceuse Heroique

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Loud-E makes his BH debut with four choice disco-inflected cuts, bathed in fuzz and ready for heavy club play.

Our choice cut is Bill's Boa, a Latin-funk influenced edit. As smile-inducing as it is groovy, this is a surefire dance-floor bomb, and the most obvious one out of a selection, that, being honest, are all dance-floor bombs.

A side 2004 Time Machined is an absolute epic clocking in at nearly 12 minutes - building up the groove over the first 8 minutes of the track for an absolutely massive payoff for the final quarter. There's a tongue-in-cheek quality to these tracks - they blur the line between edit, original, remix, you name it... We think that's the point though, and makes the selection of tracks all the better for it.

Word is we have the final shop copies in the world....

2004 Time Machined

Bill's Boa

Granada Nights